5 Advantages of Bike Advertising over Static Ads


Both advertising bikes and static ads can provide remarkable results for business owners looking to increase sales and drive business growth. However, studies have shown that AdBikes result in an average increase in sales of 107% compared to an increase of only 54% using static advertising. In fact, AdBikes have proven to boost Brand Recognition by up to 15 times compared to any other form of advertising. If you have been debating between adopting AdBikes and static ads for your business ads, then read on as we share with you the 5 advantages of bike billboards over static ads.

1. Cost-Effective

Multiple studies have shown that AdBikes are 75% cheaper than static Advertising. Therefore, it provides a more viable option for small and medium-sized enterprises working on small budgets.

2. Greater Awareness Opportunity

Static billboards have been around for a while now, therefore there is a higher tendency to take them for granted. You can drive pass by a new billboard to and fro your office route without noticing it or even border to take note of its content. However, the mobile nature of bike billboards makes it easy to catch people’s attention. It stimulates curiosity from passersby. This attribute makes AdBikes really effective in areas where static advertising can easily be ignored.

3. Greater Benefits for Local Awareness

If you’re just starting out and you are looking for instant awareness of your products or services by the locals, AdBikes is your sure bet. An AdBike moving from one location to the other in a local community will be easier to recognise by residents compared to a static billboard erected in a particular place that may even go unnoticed.

4. Offers Higher Sales Advantage

Marketing statistics reveals that Ad Bikes generate 80% higher increase in sales compared to static Ads. This provides greater leverage for companies looking to scale their sales.

5. Provides Higher Opportunity for Brand Awareness

It has been found that mobile Ads boost name recognition 15 times more than static ads, and among all forms of out-of-home Ads, bike billboards offer the highest opportunity for brand awareness. This is due to its eye-catching attribute.

There is no doubt that AdBikes are the new normal in the Advertising world. With the help of the right advertising bikes professionals, you can build a robust bike advertisement for your business. Thus, if you live in the U.K and you’re looking for the best company to help you build effective advertising strategy to drive sales for your business please get in touch.

TheBikeAds is a leading advertising agency in the U.K with specialty in Advertising Bikes and Human billboard Ads. With a combined experience of over 20 years in Mobile Media and Promotional Staffing, TheBikeAds Team can and will help you design an outstanding campaign for your brand. Be it for building brand awareness, promotion of an upcoming event, or generating more leads for your business, we are here for you. We make it our number one priority to provide you with outstanding and unparalleled support for your continually growing business. So what are you waiting for- get in touch today!

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