7 Benefits of Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of outdoor advertising? When answering this, for the majority of people, they imagine a picture of a billboard somewhere along the motorway. Or, if you use public transport more, it may be that ad that you recently saw on the Tube? How about that big banner from the top of that office building?

However, Outdoor ads mean much more than the above. It can be, but not limited to Human Billboards, Advertising Vans, Taxi Ads, Bus Ads, Ad Bikes, etc. Out of Home Advertising or just OOH as we in the industry like to call it refers to communicating or reaching out to people while they are, well, literally Out of Home. 

People are spending more and more time in front of their screen and because ads tend to pop up everywhere where you look on the internet the retention rate is continuously decreasing. Not to mention the increased rate of usage for Adblock Software. I use it, and (probably) you should too. But fear not, business owners, Outdoor Ads comes to the rescue.

The advantages of outdoor advertising are very numerous, but for now, we compiled a shortlist that, in our opinion, are the top 7 benefits of OOH advertising.


1. It’s eye-catching 

Outdoor advertising tends to attract attention and it is very visible at both close and large distances. Normal static banners are hard to ignore but if you add movement to that banner like for example when using an Advertising Bike you basically make it unignorable. You are sure to get lots of eyeballs for your message, just make sure it’s creative and witty as this will increase your retention rate even further. 


2. Outdoor can’t be ignored 

Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising doesn’t need any permission from the consumer. Outdoor advertising is part of the scenery, and it can’t be turned off like television, radio or skipped like those youtube ads. That being said, make sure they see and remember your ads by using clever messages and maybe a clear call to action.

3. Outdoor is an engaging medium

Unlike other mediums, outdoor is oftentimes liked by the “target audience”. Research from the Outdoor Institute found that more than 70% of respondents preferred buses with advertising rather than plain old looking busses and that outdoor advertising is a welcomed distraction on their commute.


4. It has a (very) high reach

OOH is a great marketing channel for brands or business that are trying to reach a broad audience. Or maybe you need a laser-focused targeting option? (cough Ad Bikes cough). Outdoor advertising has access to people that can sometimes be very difficult to reach.

5. It impacts the path-of-purchase 

According to APN Outdoor, 70% of purchases are occurring outside of the main shopping and retail centers. Location is everything when it comes to outdoor advertising because it impacts all stages of the Path-to-Purchase. Research collected by the UK’s Outdoor Media Center (OMC) shows that outdoor advertising is the advertising medium most seen by shoppers in “the last window of influence” before their purchases.


6. Outdoor advertising (OOH) is very cost effective 

Outdoor Media Association found that outdoor advertising delivers a very high ROI (return of investment). It obviously depends on your target for the campaign but nonetheless, this proves that Outdoor ads are still very relevant in the current advertising scenery.


7. OOH is a team player in marketing 


Outdoor advertising has been proven to work best in conjunction with other mediums. The impact and reach of outdoor advertising are massive and they can remind the consumer of your message over and over again.


Outdoor advertising can offer brands and companies a fresh and creative approach to reaching consumers. If you’re interested in one of the benefits listed above contact us and see how we can help you with your mobile outdoor advertising campaign. We would love to help you find the most appropriate and effective outdoor medium for you and for your budget. 

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