Why Bike and Human Advertising Work


Bike and human billboards are a noticeable and eco-friendly form of outdoor advertising and consumer engagement marketing. You may have been wondering why these forms of advertising work more than static Ads. You are not alone in this aspect. Many people often ask what makes the difference between mobile advertising billboards and static Ads. And why are mobile ads performing better than all other forms of out of home advertising?

All the above are logical questions anyone could ask since it is important that you understand your advertising strategies so you can determine which of them is given the most desirable results. This gives you the opportunity to channel your resources towards the advertising strategy that works for your business.

So if you have been thinking lately about adopting bike and human billboards for your business marketing campaign and you want to understand why and how they work, here is the answer to the question on your mind.

1. They Are Attention Grabbing

Whatever form of mobile advertisement catches the eye, making them really effective in areas where static advertising is easy to ignore. The human mind is highly inquisitive. So, people’s attention can easily be grabbed by both bike and human Ads. As people try to understand and make meaning out of the message from the mobile Ads, they become hooked-in and may want to try out the product or service.

2. They Allow for Creativity

Both bike and human billboards can consist of different walk-around advertising billboards with varieties of concepts. This gives room for creativity. Some of the strategies can range from hand-held stand-ins to digitally interactive to oversize signs Human Billboards to moving bikes deployed in groups of three or more. All these can create great and noticeable street-level impacts.

3. They Are Affordable

One of the greatest advantages working for both bike and human advertising is that they a ridiculously affordable. The campaign can be tailored to your specific budget. This explains why they are preferable options.

4. They Give Instant and Measurable Results

Bike and human billboards have the potential to give you instant traffic within a short period of launching out your campaign. It is easy for the field team to penetrate the streets and get instant responses from prospects.

Advertising bikes and human billboards offer you the leverage to scale your sales. However, you need a good bike advertising agency to help you build the right campaign that can help you to achieve your goals.

Thus, if your business operates in the U.K and you’re looking for the best company to help you launch bike and human billboard campaigns, TheBikeAds is the most viable option for you. We’re a leading advertising agency in the U.K with specialty in Bike and Human billboard Ads. With a combined experience of over 20 years in Mobile Media and Promotional Staffing, TheBikeAds Team can and will help you design an outstanding campaign for your brand. Whatever it is, whether it is brand awareness campaign strategy, promotion of an upcoming local event, or generating more sales for your business, we are here to help you to meet your goals. It is our number one priority to provide you with outstanding and unparalleled support for continually growing your business, yet at an affordable rate. We have the capacity to work with both big and small business and turn out results within a space of 10 days. So what are you waiting for- come and join us today!

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