Crepes Vending Cart


Our mobile Crepes Cart has 2 hauling systems: you can either attach it to a bicycle or you can use it as a push cart. Both systems are available with the standard model.
The cart is equipped with a professional crepes maker, a 400mm gas/LPG machine that is ideal for outdoor locations where access to electricity is limited.
As an indoor alternative, the cart can be fitted with an electric crepes machine.
Our Crepes Cart is the perfect option to start your own venture in the exciting Crepes Making Industry. Get in touch today for more info!

Additional information

Weight180 kg
Dimensions205 × 105 × 160 cm

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The vending cart’s countertop is made of food grade stainless steel, 0.8 mm thick, and incorporates a sink with an automated water supply system powered by a 12V battery, a small container for the spatula, 4 stainless steel containers for ingredients and a cooling container for the crepes mix.


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