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“In the out-of-home advertising industry, advertising bike displays are the most effective form available, boosting product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available!” 

Source: The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland

Premium Ad bike For Sale

Gold Winner for The Best Mobile Billboard in The World at  “The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva”

-Probably the Best Advertising Bike For Sale In The World-

5 Banner Sizes Can Be Built With the

Stock Premium Ad Bike Kit

+4 Extra Large Sizes if you Add the Optional Extension Kit

Product Features

Our Premium Advertising Bike is a Gold Medal Awarded Billboard Created for Ultra-Efficient Outdoor Advertising.

Made from 100% Recicled Aluminium


Patented Saddle Hitch Mechanism


Revolutionary Modular Frame


Made in EU / 2 Yr. Standard Warranty


The numbers

Companies that use Advertising Bikes increase the number of views to the audience, for the best value for money in advertising.

Compared to static billboards (bus shelters, billboards, etc) Ad Bikes operate with much less advertising time wastage while riding it can access the most crowded areas, where previously mentioned means are limited. Advertising Bikes get the attention and can work all the time.

Operating in high street shopping or mall areas advertising bikes can trigger impulse buyers.

  • Higher Message Recalling Rate – 92%
  • Cheaper Compared to Static Advertising – 44%
  • 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction – 97%
  • Ultra Precise Targeting – 100%

World Wide Clients

Advertising Bikes Sold

Countries Covered

Customer Satisfaction Level



Movement attracts attention. This results in highly effective Ad Engagement and much better message retention compared to other tipes of oudoord ads.


Walk through high foot traffic areas or even be stationary. Advertising Bikes are perfect for areas where other types of ads can’t reach.

Personal Aproach

The Rider can engage with people, distribute information, answer questions and direct people to a location. Add a friendly face to enhance your message. 

  1. I bought 15 units for my advertising business in New York in early 2017. Now I’ve ordered an additional 10 units because I could not keep up with the customer’s demand. I did my research and this is by far the best advertising bike for sale on the market.

    Highly recommend this if you would like the chance to be a successful entrepreneur.

John Hanson

Company Director, AdBikesUSA

  1. I found these advertising bikes for sale on the Internet and I bought 2 to promote my healthy fast food grand opening day. I wanted to raise awarness and get my first clients early.

    I strongly believe that thanks to the AdBikes campaign my opening was a compelte success. It was the only form of advertising that I used. I had a full restaurant from day one.

Barbara Chilterns

Restaurant Owner

Standard Adbike

The Budget-Friendly Version of Our Premium Ad Bike.

Efficient and competitive, the Standard Ad Bike was created for the purpose of growing your business without overstretching the budget.

The Standard AdBike is ideal for small businesses who want to take direct control of their advertising.

Go Green To Be Seen

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