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Movement attracts the eye. Compared to other forms of advertising that people got used and many are ignored by default,  Ad Bikes stand out from the crowd, making sure your eye-catching design will be noticed.


Socially Distanced Engagement

Our Riders will be briefed on your message and target demographic. They can wear branded clothing,  engage with people (from a distance), direct or answer questions about your promotion.

Laser Focused Targeting

Where can an Ad Bikes go? Well, pretty much anywhere a normal bicycle can go. You get laser focused targeting thanks to the trailer’s unique mobility and accessibility. Minimise down time by moving along points of interest.

Eco Friendly

All our Ad Bikes are 100% Green. We use good old muscle power and sometimes electric motors to power our Ads. We also upcycle and recycle everything that we can. We aim to be a zero-carbon footprint company.

Low Cost Per Thousand Views

AdBikes have the lowest cost per thousands views (CPM) when compared to all other forms of out of home advertising. Maximise your advertising budget in an eye-catching and eco-friendly way.

Remember, Remember

Ad Bikes have a retention rate of up to 97%. They also operate with much less advertising time wastage. Operating in high street shopping or mall areas ad bikes can trigger impulse buyers.

Our Strong Points

Companies that use Advertising Bikes increase the number of views to the audience, for the best value for money in outdoor advertising. Compared to static billboards (bus shelters, billboards, etc) Ad Bikes operate with much less advertising time wastage. It can access the most crowded areas, where other mediums are limited. Advertising Bikes have a retention rate of up to 97%.

Operating in high street shopping or mall areas advertising bikes can trigger impulse buyers.

  • Targeting Capabilities
  • Engagement Rate
  • Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
  • Retention Rate

TheBikeAds offers a quirky service that matched what we were looking for; some additional and affordable signage to raise awareness of the Ealing Jazz & Blues Festivals happening in Walpole Park over two weekends. Having the mobile billboards means not only more people seeing your campaign, but more people engaging with the message, as it is definitely an eye-catcher! The team was great to deal with, and their efficiency ensured that we had the campaign set-up with a relatively short lead time to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Ad Bike Services to any business that is looking to supplement their campaign with a little quirk.

Kylie Ray

Marketing Officer, London Borough of Ealing

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