Case Study Flybe

The Challenge

This, at the time, was actually the biggest campaign we had ever done- where Flybe Airlines had solely appointed us to oversee the promotion of their new flight route from Aberdeen to Manchester. As this was a shorter flight taking place within one part of a country to another, plus with it being a wholly brand new flight route, Flybe realised the target audience would be very specific, (mainly focusing on the residents of Aberdeen). As a result they approached TheBikeAds to help alleviate the pressures of this type of advertising for them-being the experts in target specific advertising that we are!

The Solution

 Moving forward with our Journal technique, we used 6 AdBikes and 2 promotional hostesses, and then made a point of heavily targeting the city centre, train station, coach station’s and the city’s money exchange buro’s in order to intensify the buzz around the airline’s new route. Using bright colours and easy-to-see formatting we ensured that the public were fully aware of this new and exciting deal; namely- the 20% reduction in ticket prices and the possibility of winning an entirely free ticket from Aberdeen to Manchester. The outcome being an increased interest, as well as larger numbers than predicted purchasing tickets in time for the opening of Flybe’s new route.


Sales Increase


Brand Awarness

Campaign Days

Promoters and AdBikes


Sales Increase

Sales increased by 35%

Brand Awarness Increase

Regioanl Brand Awarness increased by 69%

Highly Targeted Demographic

We managed to maximize our results by targeting the exact demographic of interest to our client

What our client had to say about it

    We know here at Flybe that any target specific route (usually occurring with shorter flights), are always hard to successfully implement and create buzz for. We were also aware that using any type of target specific advertising to promote anything can be very risky- in that the results can be either a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’. We therefore applaud Gabriel and his company TheBikeAds for providing us with a certified ‘hit’ in terms of the positive effect his campaign had on our business. Demand for the new route was 20% higher than we had forecasted and we were actually able to give away an extra 2 free tickets in addition to the original 1 because we had done so much better than expected. A massive thanks to Gabriel and TheBikeAds team who worked to ensure our business continues to move from strength to strength. He will most certainly be used by us again- that I am sure of!             

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