Purple Menswear Case Study

The Challenge

The client needed exposure during the first week of a new store opening. Because the new store was not on the high street (but relatively close to it) and they required specifically targeted advertising to raise awareness to their new store opening; the ideal choice in his case was Bike Advertising.

The Solution

We created a plan for the first week of the store opening to target the highest footfall areas where the target audience for this particular store was most likely to be found. We created a variable timetable each day in order to hit the most number of different people and increase the unique opportunity to see the advert for the highest possible number of people.


Instore study showed that 70% of first week clients were generated by the deployed AdBike


Sales Target exceded by 84% for their first week whilst the AdBike Campaign ran

Campaign Days

Amazing Result

Sales Boosted By more than 80%

Generated more sales

Sales target exceeded by 84%

Brand Awareness Increase

In store study showed that 70% of first week clients were generated by the deployed AdBike

Ultra Targeted Demographic

The audience was carefully selected and targeted, resulting in a higher conversion percentage
  • Sales increase 80% 80%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Customer Satisfaction with our Service 100% 100%

What our client had to say

We ran 2 separate campaigns with TheBikeAds for 2 New Store openings. Both campaigns were a success, but what impressed us the most was the professionalism and attention to detail of the Team. I felt that this was as a result of TheBikeAds not seeing a client first, but a person. In this Gabriel made sure to question what we wanted, how best we wanted it done, and when we wanted it done for. Overall we were very happy with their services and we will most certainly be using their services again.

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