Ad Bike with Girl Rider And Banner "Advertise Your Business Here"
Advertising Bike with “Advertise Your Business Here” message

An “advertising bike” is a movable billboard linked to a bicycle to create an eye-catching outdoor advertising medium.

Advertising bikes, sometimes referred to as “ad bikes” or “promo bikes”, give companies a very efficient and successful way to market their goods or services.

How do we use advertising bikes?

Ad bikes often use a mix of riding sessions and standstill periods to deliver printed material and/or handouts. The large print area makes them ideal for highly competitive locations and can address both cars and pedestrians. Advertising bikes are highly effective in situations where static media is unreachable or easily disregarded.

Advertising bikes advantages over traditional outdoor mediums

One of the primary benefits of an advertisement bike is that it can access locations that are unavailable to conventional forms of advertising, such as busy streets, outdoor events, shopping centres, transport hubs, etc.

You can use them in promotional campaigns near shopping centres, retail parks, recreational parks, or other locations where static billboards are unavailable. They are perfect for marketing sales, new product launches, store openings, conferences, events, and exhibitions because of their eye-catching appearance.

Flexibility and Mobility
Advertising bikes, unlike static billboards, can go wherever your target audience is at any given time during the day. They can cover a wide area and are not constrained by road closures or traffic congestion, unlike van advertising.

The Human Factor

Ad bike riders can serve as brand ambassadors by offering information, answering inquiries, or handing out brochures and product samples to your target audience. A friendly smile can go a long way when helping a potential customer.

The Eco-Friendly Approach
Clients respect brands that promote and stand for principles like sustainability, ethical production, and fair trade practices.

Ad bike advertising is not only environmentally conscious in and of itself but our billboards are made with a large percentage of post-consumer aluminium, making them both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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