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Our award-winning Premium Advertising Bike is probably the world’s best mobile billboard towed by a bicycle. It gets to your desired location quickly and provides you with remarkable exposure in front of thousands of people per day. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to capture more attention in an engaging, eco-friendly and innovative way.

Features and Specifications:

  • Modular frame made of aluminium with hardox steel joints
  • 5 different banner configurations/ +4 more with optional Extension kit
  • can be connected to any bicycle with the help of a patented saddle hitch mechanism
  • very quick and intuitive installation process

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own today!

*3-14 days delivery time
*Bicycle is not included *VAT not included
**Terms and conditions apply


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Ease of Use and Quick Installation

Our Ad Bikes are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. In most cases, if you know how to ride a normal bicycle you will have no problems if you attach an Ad Bike. Think of the Advertising Bike as a set of training wheels that bring you more business. It's also super fast to instal and deinstall, so if you're thinking of opening an Ad Bikes Business it's the perfect accessory thanks to its flexibility.

Ad Bike Install in Less Than 10 Minutes

Can Be Attached To Any Bike

When we first designed our product we tried to search for something on the market that could attach our Ad Bike to almost any bicycle. We've ordered dozens of saddle connexions from all sorts of suppliers around the work but in the end, nothing worked as we wanted to.
We ended up designing a unique patented saddle hitch. You can attach our Premium Advertising Bike to most bicycles while preventing it from tumbling over if you encounter an unexpected gust of wind. Perfection.
Saddle Connection (Small)


Brands That Used Our Premium Ad Bike

Focused on Quality and Innovation

We adhere to the highest quality standards of production when building products for you and our customers. We want you to have the best design in the world coupled with the best build quality available. Our Awards prove we are doing a good job so far. Please do test us out to see for yourself! PS: Our products come with a 2-year warranty. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details. Geneva Medal and TUV Certification

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own Premium Ad Bike today!

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 79 × 56 × 20 cm
Frame Material

Aluminum with Steel Reinforcements

Hitch Connection

Can be connected to any bicycle with the help of a patented saddle hitch mechanism


20” High Resistance Spoke Wheels fitted 60 cm (24”) apart

Banner Sizes

Standard package can fit 6 different formats, and a total of 9 formats with the optional Extension Kit Added

Banner Type

We recommend using PVC/Vinyl Banners with a thickness of 500+ gsm (grams per square meter)

Frame Paint

Impact and Scratch Resistant Highly Durable Coating

Ad Bike Weight

25Kg – Standard Kit / 50kg With the Optional Weight Kit added

4 reviews for Buy Premium Ad Bike Trailer

  1. Joanne Richie

    Fantastic AdBike, I’ve initially ordered one unit for my new gym concept in North London. Since then we’ve grown as a business and we have an AdBike for each new opened location. We found that it’s a fantastic advertising tool and it’s well worth the investment.

  2. Fernando Martinez

    I bough 10 units to start my own advertising business in south Spain. The guys gave me a small discount to get me started and it all started from there. That was over 1 year ago, since then I’ve ordered an additional 10 units because I could not keep up with the client’s demand. I highly recommend this if would like the chance to be a successful entrepreneur.

  3. Richard Glover

    Shipping was fast and the adbike is better than expected in terms of results. Started using it less than 1 week ago and the results are impressive. Was skeptical at first but glad I overcame that and went for it.

  4. John Egan

    They do the job very well. Fast delivery and super quality build. My clients are very happy about the look of the frame when I use them to advertise their businesses. The Ad Bike looks very professional and it is very practical. My Riders can move them around in their personal cars, eliminating the need for a van or large trailer to move as we do with the big trikes.

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