BP Penns Lane Case Study

The Challenge

BP’s mission was to launch a successful opening for a new M&S store inside their Sutton Coldfield branch. As the store was again located elsewhere from the high street, which was not too dissimilar from previous campaigns we had done, we were confident in both our expertise and knowledge of how to tackle this dilemma. Therefore, in order for us to effectively promote this store opening, we realised Bike Advertising was a must in order to provide any kind of effective promotion for the new store.

The Solution

We kept a log of the times during the day when the BP station was most heavily used by customers, thus ensuring we target a large quantity of people at any one given time. A variable timetable was created to make aware to us the different types of customers (e.g Mothers, The Elderly, Teenagers). From this we were able to create different advertisements, pertaining to each of the different groups. This raised awareness of the new store, but in such a way that those adverts were customised with products found here, specifically peaked the interests of these individual groups- thus creating greater buzz for the new store opening.


Brand Awareness Increase


Sales Target Reached

Campaign Days

AdBike Deployed

Awareness increased By 70%

Generated more sales

Sales target was exceeded while the Ad Bike was deployed

Brand awareness increase

The in-store study showed that 40% of the clients in the first 10 days were generated by the deployed AdBike

Extensive Demographic Studies

The audience was carefully selected and targeted, resulting in a higher conversion percentage

What our client had to say about it

As far as I’m concerned, our campaign for the new M&S store opening was beyond successful thanks to TheBikeAds. Due to the store being away from the street we were unsure of the best way to promote our new M&S store, or even if it could actually be successfully promoted due to its location. Gabriel removed most of this doubt and uncertainty the moment we saw his plans to create store buzz, and then all of it once we started to see the increase in numbers of those who were using the store, plus the many different groups/types of people he’d been able to attract with his campaign! We simply could not be happier with the results he has provided us with!

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