Channel 4 – Food Unwrapped

The Challenge

Channel 4’s task was an unusual one; however, being well versed in the area of target specific advertising we knew almost instantly how this could be best achieved. We were commissioned then to create buzz for the filming of a side by side comparison of two enlarged photos, where one of them had been altered slightly, and by which the occupants of Brighton Beach had to identify which had been altered and which had been left untouched. There needed to be an awareness of channel 4’s event in the lead up to its commencement and so, TheBikeAds was the obvious choice to get the job done.

The Solution

We kept a record of the hottest points during the day, and then pitched enormous tents and stacked up bottles of water at various points on the beach in order to provide shade and hydration. We advantageously then used our AdBikes to promote the photograph survey, but with alluring images which simultaneously gave people the knowledge that this survey would be taking place in the cool shade, with free bottles of Evian water for everyone who took part. This consequently enticed our target audience out of the sweltering heat with these refreshing images, creating consciousness, and boosting numbers to partake in the survey for channel 4. 


Customer Happiness


Sand and Sun

AdBike Used

Amazing Result

What the client had to say about it 

Though we were conscious of the fact that our beach location made it that much more difficult for promotion of our survey, we were sure from the get-go that the precariousness of our situation did not even phase Gabriel one bit. This was evident from his level of professionalism, the timely manner in which he carried out our task and the clever cost effective way in which he was able to tempt people into partaking in the survey. His company’s reputation precedes itself and he will always make a point of going the extra mile for his clients. For your advertising needs DEFINITELY GO TO-     

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